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Increase motivational energy in a jiffy

Motivational energy is obviously partly initiated by intention – I intend to move myself now and attend to this or that task/challenge/whatever – but the energy that supports and facilitates implementation is produced by a combination of liver, kidneys and spleen energy, liver playing the main role, and is subsequently stored in the front of the thighs in what the Taoists, romantic so-and-so’s that they are, call the sea of blood, which isn’t as gruesome as it sounds. Substitute blood for animal vigor and it starts sounding quite sexy instead of a menstrual mishap or what-have-you.

And by manually stimulating your sea of blood, you’re able to initiate an instant increase of motivational energy that’ll have you naturally up and at it within no more than ten minutes of carrying out the procedure and it goes like this.

Look at the front of your right thigh. It has an outer edge running from the front of the hip bone down to the outside corner of the kneecap. And it has an inner edge, running from the inner corner of the kneecap to the groin region.

Pinch and release lightly with thumb and hooked forefinger all the way down the outer edge, then all the way up the inner edge three times. Then make fists. Using the surface formed by the outer edge of the curved little finger, and with shoulders, elbows and wrists fully relaxed like King/Queen of the Bongos, play a deft drum roll along the same pathway three times likewise.

And then of course, repeat on the whole procedure on the left thigh.

When you’re done, sit quietly for a moment or more, enjoying the sensations released and by and by allow the sensation (of energy) to accumulate and settle in the pelvic bowl up to umbilical level.

Within minutes you’ll be feeling the urge to get going.

Get going with aplomb dear reader.

Love, B

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