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Increase The Miracle Flow Today

Talking of miracles, those quantum shifts that seem to come out of nowhere and turn your situation around for the better in a jiffy, those so-called lucky breaks, is there a way to elicit a stronger flow of them? Yes, provided your intention is to be of greater and greater service in terms of contributing to the accelerating spread of consciousness. By aligning yourself with the evolutionary thrust, you automatically elicit an amplification of the miracle effect.

This doesn’t mean you have to change your job or lifestyle – it simply means you have to inform your thoughts, words and deeds with the intention to contribute and in so doing, enter actively into partnership with the Great Flow, the Tao.

This takes place more in your heart (chest region) than in your head.

It’s more about surrendering than forcing anything.

Then, no matter how presently dire your situation appears, things will start happening spontaneously to mend it for you.

You almost have to reach a state of despair before you’re ready to surrender to grace, for that’s what this implies – a surrender to grace – and you don’t normally reach that level of let-go till you get to the point you simply don’t know what to do and are forced to rely on miracles.

And that’s OK – relying on miracles is really the only way for a warrior.

The subtext of all this is lose your adult veneer, relinquish the grip of rational, reasonable thinking and trust the Presence (the Tao) to provide for you. Naturally you have to keep on being excellent in whatever you’re doing at the time or are required to do, no matter how seemingly significant or insignificant – each act and each part of each act is an act of devotion to the Great Way. But that’s all you have to do. All the rest will be added and your stress and worry about whether this works, once you’ve read this, merely delays the process, so relax.

I wish you a day of utterly stonking miracles.

Love, B

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