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Increase Your Choice-Making Abilities To Achieve Better Results

According to the Taoist system I practice and teach, your subconscious mind knows everything and the more you learn to access what it’s telling you, the more you’re able to see through the everyday charade to the subtext of what’s really going on and are thereby informed with full perspective on every situation.

Thus informed, the more effectively you’re able to make the choices that will help you navigate successfully through life and so achieve the happiness, fulfillment and success you want.

The ancient sages taught that the access point to the subconscious is roughly at the base of the midbrain.

They also told of a point on your upper arm, which when manually stimulated, increases the flow of energy to the base of the midbrain and simultaneously adjusts and regulates your psychic field, thus helping prevent so-called psychic invasion, while increasing telepathic and clairvoyant abilities.

When you stimulate this point you almost immediately start experiencing a notable increase of serendipitous synchronicities and of your awareness and understanding of the subtext in situations.

The point lies at the tip of the deltoid (shoulder cap), just where it meets your biceps, and forms a slight indentation, approximately one fat grapefruit’s distance down from the shoulder-tips along the midline of your outer upper arm.

Press three times a day with fingertip of other hand using moderate, intelligent pressure for 20 seconds on each arm for best results.

May you be deeply empowered by the opening of awareness this triggers.

Love, D

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