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Increase Your Happiness Today

Check your face and you’ll probably find it frowning a bit, your forehead tense as you read the screen – tense with the pressure of a thousand things needing doing, tense with having had to face up to a perceived world full of pressure and adversity till now – and if you sensitise your awareness enough, you’ll also probably notice this frowning tendency causes subtle constriction throughout your skull and occipital region. This in turn spreads downwards throughout your body, gathering as stress in the most vulnerable areas, all of which is counterproductive and deleterious to your wellbeing and immunity from exogenous disease of both mind and body.

By now you’ve probably reckoned frowning isn’t a good option and if so, might like to go the route of actively relaxing your forehead and ocular region by means of mentally releasing the tension progressively more on each successive exhalation.

To which end, press lightly in the centre of your forehead in line with your eyebrows for a moment and use this tactile clue to focus your awareness there, gradually allowing whatever tension you find there to release bit by bit, tracking the sensation of release throughout the skull to the occipital region (base of skull) and downwards throughout the body, by means of focusing on the exhalation’s power to dispel tension more with every breath.

After a while, you notice your whole being growing lighter and softer and hence, happier and more poised to enjoy a day and night of sheer pleasure, simply for being here in your body, experiencing the miracle of existence.

To perpetuate this even in the midst of a potentially stressful day, simply press the point again (known as the ‘happy point’ for this very reason) and allow yourself to relax with the breath.

May you feel so incredibly relaxed and happy you all but fall off your chair with glee.

Love, D

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