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Increase Your Peace With This Piece

You never know where you’re going (in the broader sense) – you may think you know but you don’t. You may merely assume. You want to know so you can do all you can to prepare and so make the passage as pleasant as possible. But this craving for pleasant passage is an unnecessary weight to carry. Travel light instead and be willing to enjoy it regardless.

This becomes easier when you appreciate the way yin and yang operate – pleasant necessarily turns into unpleasant and vice versa. It’s just views – lighting and angle and the mood you’re in combined with other various external and internal factors too numerous to mention. And views change as you go along. It’s like walking in the mountains. Turn a corner into the shady side where the sun doesn’t shine much and all is bleak and lifeless. Turn the next corner and it’s all lush and beautiful again. But, if peace is your goal, you don’t waste either phase identifying so much with the view that it causes turbulence in your soul, positive or negative – you love the beauty, you love the ugliness too and you give thanks for being able to experience both, for it’s the same force of life, love and consciousness informing each.

Knowing this and vowing to remember to love the view whatever, you no longer need to know where you’re going any more.

You can let it be the fabulous mystery that it is.

You no longer have to assume anything.

This is the essence of acquiescence – the willingness to surrender to the path come what may.

All the while, however, it naturally behoves you to create, recreate, calibrate, recalibrate and hold fast to your intention at all times – the intention for all your actions to be in accord with and promoting of the highest possible good for everyone concerned in your enterprises. Then without even knowing what the highest good might comprise – without assuming anything, hence without projecting anything, the highest good will prevail no matter what.

May the highest good prevail for you in unexpectedly delightful ways today.

Love, D

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