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Increase Your Strength By Softening Up

When your body is relaxed your consciousness, blood and chi are able to flow more freely to all parts, bringing fresh vitality, whence springs strength. Strength begins with holding an image of you looking and feeling strong. It helps as a shortcut to simply visualize your right biceps (upper arm muscle) looking toned, strong and powerful and assume the rest of you fits to match that.

Along with physical strength comes mental strength and vice versa.

But strength cannot move easily through either rigid muscles or rigid thoughts.

Picture yourself like a wobbly doll, those weighted round-based dolls which always circle and spring upright no matter how hard you try and push them over.

The main benefits of having strength include being able to withstand the pressures of life without buckling.

Installing the internal wobbly doll program onto your hard drive will promote such strength.

Augment this by telling your subconscious at least six times so it penetrates: I am imbued with infinite strength, with infinite strength I am imbued.

And then relax and soften all your muscles and sinews.

I wish you superhuman strength combined with supreme relaxation in the midst of activity today.

Love, B

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