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Increase Your Vitality Levels By Stopping Taking Yourself Too Seriously

When you take yourself too seriously, you lose touch with your playful inner spirit whence derives your natural vitality and without that you make it much harder on yourself to do whatever you have to do.

It’s all very simple really but when you’re taking yourself too seriously you make things complex in your head, which limits your ability to make the wise decisions you need to make to see yourself through your predicament.

So to preclude or remedy an excess of seriousness, at your earliest opportunity to be alone and unwatched, do a spot of discreet clowning – do something silly like a child playing the fool – make some silly faces – make some silly sounds, do a silly jig – and as you do, let it loosen up the veneer of adulthood, which otherwise grows too tight, feels like a straightjacket and prevents you accessing your limitless supply of vitality within.

Doing so is like resetting your internal computer and you’ll find yourself instantly more clear-minded, more alive and more able to make the necessary calculations upon which you base your crucial decisions.

Combine this with the laughter therapy described in another Wisdom and you’ll be fully unstoppable in your glee and derring do.

May you be unstoppable in manifesting your highest possible good today.

Love, Doc

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