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Increasing Strength On All Levels Now

Now more than ever it’s appropriate to develop your internal strength, for from internal strength derives external strength and the combination is what you need to not only get you and those who depend on you through difficult times but to help everyone else, by way of inspiration.

Now is the time to stop wasting precious moments feeling sorry for yourself about anything whatsoever, even if you think you’re justified in doing so – it doesn’t help in any way at all, it just depletes your strength and slows you down. Instead thrill to each moment, rise up to meet it like a warrior, expectant of the best, always prepared to yield to the worst and hold your centre. Thrill to the possibility of miracles at every turn. Don’t allow yourself to be dismayed by what appears to be the turgid nature of the everyday world, Instead train your eye on the miracle behind it all. And dramatically reduce or altogether stop your TV-watching time – it numbs your mind and reprograms it full of shit. You need your mind clear now.

Keep telling yourself, ’I am accessing unlimited strength on all levels now’. Picture a flexible titanium bar running up the length of your spinal cord and as you breathe in and out feel your body relax all around it, invincible and powerful. Feel its power radiate to all parts of your body as if all your bones were filled with titanium. Feel this strength pervading so effectively there’s simply no room for weakness.

It only takes a moment or two spent doing this to strengthen you significantly for the rest of the day and if you do it every day, within no more than a week you’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll feel.

Love, B

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