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Increasing Your Creative Flow

Accelerating the creative process can be achieved by doing something that at first seems to have nothing to do with creativity at all. However the ancient Taoists understood the way energy flows in your brain and how to stimulate it in such a way to cause an increase of creative thinking.

It all boils down to moving chi from the centre of your forehead backwards in a fine stream over the top of your brain to the base of your skull as you inhale and forwards again as you exhale. As the breath (appears) to move backwards over the top of the brain, think, creativity and as the breath moves forwards again, think clarity.

Nine passes back and forth once a day and within three days your creative abilities will have increased significantly.

Meanwhile when it actually comes to applying them whether via a screen, a canvas, a piano, a dance-floor, a stage or whatever, the idea is to let the medium show you what to do.

Take the canvas example – you stand at the ready, brush in hand, gaze at the empty canvas and let a shape present itself there – don’t force it or try to make it happen – just wait and allow it to reveal itself. Then as soon as it does, all you have to do is paint what’s already there, as if painting from below your navel, your hand now a mere instrument. It’s the same with writing, making music, dance or any of the arts, even the art of doing business.

May this combination inspire and serve you well and your creativity surge to new and dizzying heights in all your various fields of endeavour.

Love, B

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