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Increasingly fabulous adventure of your lifetime

If you, like many others, find yourself running from one thing to the next the whole time, even in your personal, private, social, leisure life, as if being constantly pushed hard by some manic, workaholic, overzealous slave-driver, even when it’s time to rest, in some insane attempt to keep up with some imaginary benchmark, relax and understand this is merely a remnant of the primordially, biologically wired in imperative to keep up with the pack or die.

Even just stopping long enough to contemplate that is sufficient to make space to entertain the following existential notion: you create your own version of reality in your own head and proceed to live the results in your head, which in turn, some may say magically, has an actual effect on the way things shape up around you.

When the version you’re creating involves being in a race, the world will reflect that back at you by racing you.

When, on the other hand, you create a version, which has life as a miraculously sent opportunity to experience the thrill of existence via a near endless series of moments that leads you through the most unexpected scenery and to the most unexpected encounters, in which the only limit to how good it can get is the limit you set on how good you can take it, life will similarly oblige by reflecting that back at you and you will indeed experience the perpetual thrill of being alive as you enjoy the increasingly fabulous adventure of your lifetime unfold magically before your very eyes.

To create such a version, you merely need to spend time seeing it in your mind’s eye and supporting that vision with the love in your heart and the power in your in your loins.

The perpetual thrill of being alive as you enjoy the increasingly fabulous adventure of your lifetime, to you.

Love, D

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