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Inducing your spirit to dance the wild fandango

It’s well known that if you show one person among a group of 30 people a stick 3 feet long and ask them how long it is, and have already primed the other 29 to claim the stick is only 10 inches long, and you keep asking the question relentlessly as if the person is mad, they’ll will gradually start reducing their estimate of the length of the stick.

In other words, people tend to believe anything as long as everyone else does too, no matter how absurd or wrong – hence the success of religion with all its hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo, for example.

And it takes a brave person to not be suckered and to stand up and say, ‘No, it’s you who are all deluded, not me’.

However, remember that this is the time of the un-suckered, the deconstruction time of all mumbo jumbo.

The myth subtending modern society is swiftly breaking down.

We don’t yet know which myth or myths, if any, will drive the next paradigm.

Our role, as ambassadors of the light, is merely to be true to ourselves, while the paradigm reveals itself.

This is achieved by constantly referencing yourself back to what’s happening in your body, to what’s happening to your breathing, to your muscles, to your posture and to your feeling tone and to continually readjust your wingtips to optimize on the thermals (the hot air of external reality).

Start the process now by stopping holding your breath.

Achieve this by commanding yourself about once a minute, “Stop holding your breath!”

With the breath flowing slowly and freely, you remain in the present moment, glad to be alive even if in the throes of difficulty and are thus able to eschew all erroneous thinking about, and deluded perspectives, on the nature of reality.

May your breath flow free today and your spirit dance the wild fandango.

Love, B

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