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Infinite enjoyment at every turn

Assuming you’re willing to relax and accommodate the inevitable internal struggle between the warring aspects of your psyche without trying to resolve it with your intellect, infinite enjoyment is available at every turn.

The art of accessing it is subtle and requires sensitivity.

According to the arcane medical model of the ancient Taoists, which still informs the nub of Chinese medicine today, joy in its essential form is produced by a combination of the energies of your heart and pericardium, or ‘heart protector’.

By manually stimulating certain acupuncture points on your hands and wrists, you are able to trigger an increased flow of heart chi without throwing the overall balance of your system out of kilter, which within no more than 24 hours and often less, will in turn engender a state of joy as your default mode, hence enabling you to enjoy yourself in the moment, no matter how difficult or turgid the external conditions or circumstances.

Following the following can also beneficially affect your heart on an organic level, so will be useful if suffering from any heart condition in strengthening the general flow of healing energy in that region.

Press intelligently with thumb on the wrist tendon leading into the palm in line with the little finger exerting moderately increasing pressure for the length of three slow breaths in and out and release slowly.

Repeat on the other wrist.

Press into the dead centre of the palm and repeat on the other palm likewise.

Finally press between the two tendons on the midline of the soft side of the wrist approximately three fingers’ width up from the wrist bracelet, first one wrist then the other, again for the length of three slow breath cycles.

Now press into the dead centre of your breast-bone, feeling the tension it triggers gradually releasing throughout the chest.

Finally chant, or if inappropriate, imagine you’re chanting (it works almost as well), the ancient Taoist heart-healing sound: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, for the length of three more breath cycles.

Then finally, finally, tell yourself, ‘I choose to access my limitless internal wellspring of infinite joy now,’ and carry on as you were, confident in the knowledge that within no more than 24 hours, that will begin to be the case.

I hope you find this serves you well.

May you have a terrific day, replete with so much joy you almost burst.

Love, Barefoot

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