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Initiating An Upsurge Of Peace Within And All Around

Train your mind today to devote just one thought per hour or so to visualizing a ubiquitous spread of inner and hence, outer peace throughout human society, for whatever you visualize with enough consistency, you eventually draw into being. Multiply this effect by the thousands of people all round the world who also read this and it’s easy to imagine an exponential radiation of inner and outer peace touching the hearts of everyone, lessening the sense of isolation, urge to depression, self-destruction, violent acting out and so on and giving rise to a universal upsurge of existential joy and wellbeing. If it helps you see it more clearly, visualize the essence of peace comprising a rose-gold-white mist or light spreading over the face of the earth.

Your mind need only alight on this vision for a split second yet, provided it does so regularly, frequently and with the fullness of self brought to bear on the alighting, it will have actual impact on the quantum field and though the real-time effects may not show up visibly for a while, you can be sure to notice a discernable lessening of global tensions in the news and all about you within two or three weeks as a result.

One of the core golden rules of metaphysics has it that if even just one person visualizes healing on behalf of everyone and manages to do so with the fullness of self brought fully to bear on the vision, everyone will experience the fruits of it.

And on a personal level you also score, for as well as inhabiting a more pleasant world by and by, you also always initiate an influx of positive chi by first sending positive chi out for the benefit of others, because that’s how the Tao works the equation.

Wish: the peace you send out returns to you by a series of miracles – delightful outcomes you weren’t counting on that thrill you to the quick.

Love Doc

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