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Inner Peace

If you want to achieve inner peace you don’t have to do anything at all. You simply have to stop doing something you don’t like doing anyway: fighting with yourself.

As soon as you stop fighting with yourself peace prevails – and not just within you but all around you, on account of the peaceful ambience within spreading all about your person and affecting the local field wherever you go.

The fighting occurs in your head. To get a lever on this with the mind is all but futile. The lever is in your body. All stress thoughts translate into stress in the muscles and soft tissue. Use your mind to release the latter and the former spontaneously releases itself.

Scan your body periodically throughout the day today and wherever you notice yourself gripping on for no reason – at the back of the neck, the face, the throat, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, belly, back, buttocks, pelvic floor, legs, feet or so on – give that region the command to reeeee-lax!

At the same time slow down your breathing and make it even and smooth, the in-breath of equal duration to the out-breath. Draw your focal point back from the forebrain into the midbrain as this instantly closes the internal dialogue window and affords you clear focus. Elongate your spine, broaden your shoulders and broaden your hips as this affords you maximum expansion of the physical mainframe, which in turn allows the organs and vessels of blood and energy more room to function effectively. And tell yourself over and over till you really believe it: I choose to feel peace in my heart and my soul – I choose to feel peace in my heart and my soul – I choose to feel peace in my heart and my soul – I choose to feel calm in my body, yeah, yeah – I choose to feel calm in my body.

May you experience all the boons of inner and outer peace today.

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