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Inner Peace, Harmony And Equilibrium

Are you finding it hard keeping up with the burgeoning pressures associated with life? Are you finding your patience stretched? Are you feeling put-upon by your own schedule, trying to fit people and activities into narrower and narrower cracks in your schedule? If so, help is immediately at hand.

Take a moment to expel all the air from your lungs, using your stomach muscles to pull the belly wall back towards the spine and so push out all the air from the bottom of your lungs. Then allow your belly to swell as the breath rushes back in of itself. Repeat this a couple of times more.

As you exhale, mentally expel all traces of impatience, frustration or feelings of not being able to cope or keep up. As you inhale, mentally draw in patience, delight and confidence in your abilities to get everything done easily, effortlessly, effectively and swiftly.

Then sitting back, with your mind gathered into the centre of your brain, tell yourself, aloud or under your breath as appropriate to circumstances, ‘there is nothing going on in the external world that’s more important than my own inner peace, harmony and equilibrium – by attaining these, all aspects of the external world fall into place of themselves – so be it.’

Repeat this procedure every few hours as the day goes on and you’ll be surprised by how profoundly it alters your approach to the tasks at hand. That’s the way I’m going today as the external world accelerates all around me and my workload proliferates commensurately.

It’s so easy to get fooled into believing the focus must be on externals.

However as soon as you shift the focus to attaining balance via the breath in the internal state, the external world seems to magically calm and order itself before your very eyes.

Now that’s magic.

With love, Barefoot

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