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Instant actual vitality increase

That adrenalin you use to fuel you through the day, by subtly or not so subtly squeezing (tensing) your upper belly muscles, the squeezing of which has no doubt by now become so habitual you hardly realize you’re doing it till pointed out – that adrenalin, that gloriously addictive adrenalin, for which you probably put yourself through all sorts of anxiety-hoops to feel coursing through your veins, is actually using up oodles of vital reserves every time you pump a bit - same as flooring it with the accelerator uses up gas.

The actual mechanism consists of overstimulation of the adrenal glands (meaning literally sitting on the kidneys), which in turn draws on the chi in your kidneys, usually needed to support the chi of all the other vital organs including the heart, hence quite a vital function as functions go.

And while it’s fun, you can’t keep it up forever without risking sudden collapse or worse, a long, slow fall-apart.

On the other hand, being realistic, you’re not going to drop a lifetime’s addiction either. So I propose gradually lessening the level of adrenal-pump, while gradually upping the level of core energy.

It is addressed effectively and fairly instantaneously as follows, at least effectively enough to instigate a healthy habit if you’re willing and like the results:

Picture an array of interesting looking dials and level adjusting slide controls, including an adrenalin-pump meter, a core-energy meter and a separate slider control for each.

Note where your adrenalin-pump level is set at present (be intuitive).

Place a finger on the relevant slider and pull it back just enough to reduce the level by 10% - you can (and are well advised to) come back to adjust it downwards (or upwards) at any point.

Next, check the core-energy meter and note where it’s currently set.

Place a finger on the relevant slider and push it up to adjust the level upwards by 10%.

Note the text running across the main screen: ‘Your adrenalin-pump levels and core energy levels are being recalibrated – this will take about 24 hours – in the meantime, carry on as you were [and if they’d thought about it would also say: and enjoy being alive]’.

And what you’ll find is, within 24 hours you’ll start feeling notably different: more grounded, less flappable, more able to do whatever you have to do with far less fuss. If you keep returning to play with the levels, you’ll have a valuable stress-reduction, health-increasing tool for the rest of your life.

Less stress and more health, vitality and pure enjoyment to you.

Love, D

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