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Instant Centring When You Feel Scattered

When you’re feeling scattered and need to focus, rather than attempt to de-scatter yourself through thinking things through, simply bring all your attention to bear on a single point about one grape’s distance down from your navel.

If you stretch your arms above your head, you’ll notice that this point is bang in the middle of you. It’s where you’d attach a handle for the most ergonomic effect, were you to lift someone up like a piece of luggage.

By placing all your attention here, you instantly draw your mind and energy into a single focus and all sense of scatter vanishes.

Drawing your focus into a single point just below your navel is a powerful way of instantly making a hole in the scatter of thoughts going on at any one time.

However it’s hard to remember to keep doing it and the chances are the scatter of thoughts will close over again in a trice.

To preclude that and to generally accelerate the ability to draw yourself into a unified force, try the following.

Sitting with your back free so you can reach comfortably round behind you, press into your belly just below your navel with the forefinger of one hand, while pressing in between the vertebrae of your spine at the same level with the forefinger of the other.

Use 4 ounces (110 grams) of pressure, no less, no more. In other words, press sensitively with focus, rather than using brute force.

As you press into both points simultaneously, concentrate on the sensation of joining the two points up internally, as if they have a line of energy passing between them. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. As you do, you’ll notice you’re completely unified, with not an ounce or gram of scatter going on within.

Ten minutes after, this sense will embed itself in your psyche.

Repeat approximately once an hour for the rest of the day and you’ll be as focused as a hawk in flight.

Remain like this the whole day and night long and you acquire the gifts of supreme centeredness of the martial arts master and there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Loving wish: that you attain to the clarity, vision, focus and direction of a hawk on the wing.

Love B

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