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Instant Immune System Bounce

One of the more esoteric aspects of Taoist practice is developing the ability to transmit chi for healing self or others.

However though chi is transmitted, implying movement through time and space, it operates on the quantum level and so arrives even before it’s been sent.

This is the secret behind instantaneous manifestation.

One powerful use of the technique is to send chi from the ‘bubbling wells’ in the balls of the feet up to the thymus in the upper chest.

The way is to inhale and as you exhale, imagine the breath activating latent heat in the balls of the feet, which instantaneously activates latent heat in the thymus.

You’ll notice a wonderful warm feeling flood your chest and fill you up all the way through your hips and eventually down even unto your fingertips.

Repeat this momentarily with frequency throughout the day – it only takes a nanosecond – and you’ll spot an increase in immune system efficiency almost at once.

I wish you universal immunity, always protected for the highest good.

Love, B

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