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Instantaneous Total Healing Of Mind, Body, Spirit And Life

Nature heals – not just the body – the mind also. And all you have to do to activate its healing power is step out of the way. Sleep is healing because you’ve stepped out of the way by falling temporarily unconscious and aren’t using up all your energy having conversations with yourself in the front of your head like you do when awake.

Similarly, by stilling your mind when awake, you are making your energy available for nature to heal you with.

Basically put, when you’re mentally at odds with yourself, you’re using your energy to support that dialogue going on in the front of your head.

When you desist, similarly to pulling two playground combatants off each other and getting them to sit quietly while they each simmer down, that energy is free to circulate through your system.

The old Taoist axiom, is where the energy goes, the blood follows, so by increasing the flow of energy, you also increase the flow of blood, thus accelerating the process of voiding toxins and refreshing the cells.

So, if wanting healing of mind or body, rather than continuing in vain to mentally resolve your inner conflict in the front of your head, choose the other option: let it go.

Pull those two playground combatants off each other, tell them to simmer down and allow your mind some silence.

And in that silence healing will come of itself.

And the beautiful thing is you only need to touch that silence for a glimmer for the healing power to self-activate and do its job.

Naturally though the more of these glimmers you afford yourself the more exponentially you accelerate the healing process.

I wish you instantaneous total healing of mind, body, spirit and life this very day.

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