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Instigating a new phase

Without even questioning it, but taking time and applying your mind to bringing the fullness of self to bear on saying it, say,

“This is the time for me to let go and remove the constraints I’ve placed on myself and more into a new phase of my life.”

Say it six times over in all so it fully penetrates your subconscious, then carry on as you were.

At some point, remind yourself of all the ways you’ve been constraining or limiting your life in any way at all and make a list of these. Then remind yourself of all the ways you’d like to be, feel and act in this new phase of your life and make a list of those.

Then keep repeating the six-fold repetition recital, perhaps putting some musical inflection into the syllables as they pass through your vocal chords to spice it up a bit in your ears.

Meanwhile, you’ve done the magic and it’s but a matter of a very short while before you start noticing amazing changes you never thought would be possible occurring spontaneously in your life.

Unprecedented magnificent spontaneous changes to you now.

Love, D

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