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Instigating the greatest magic

One of the most important steps in gaining true peace of mind according to this Taoist system is being willing and able to transcend preferences. Good and bad are merely relative terms and have no intrinsic quality of their own.

By being willing and able to view and experience all occurrences as expressions of the Tao’s absolute love for you, however good or bad they seem at the time, you’re able to feel the joy of being alive regardless, simply gleeful to be here watching the movie, as well as being able to take part. Yet not so lost in the taking part, you identify with the ups and downs.

You simply love being here.

Train yourself to respond to all incoming information with a ‘not necessarily good, not necessarily bad, but definitely absolute love regardless – I welcome you,’ and help it along by desisting from holding your breath and allowing the breath to flow deep down and slowly.

Obviously it takes years of practice, hence why I point it out now, but as soon as you’re even willing to entertain it as a notion, life starts easing off on you and vice versa and miracles abound as a result.

We have to remember, dear reader to let go of the grip we exert on reality and give it more space to evolve of itself, if we wish to benefit by its greatest magic.

And I wish you the greatest magic, this very day.

Love, B

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