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Instructions For Sending Healing Effectively The Taoist Way

Healing energy is present ubiquitously. It is intrinsically intelligent and responsive to thought. You can summon it at will, either to use for yourself or for others, or both, simply by visualizing it enter you or the other via a choice of access points or gates and watching it circulate from there to all parts and especially any parts particularly affected by illness.

One way of looking at it is to imagine every atom is a healing angel so by using your intention to draw a waft of healing energy in any particular direction, you’re drawing a whole host of healing angels to the desired destination, there to do their work of miraculously healing whoever it is you wish to see healed.

Use your breath to help conduct the force. With each in-breath, feel yourself sucking in the healing energy. With every out-breath, see yourself transmitting it to the desired destination. See the healing energy as light. Colour it flashlight blue for penetration and removal of disease, emerald for healing, rose-gold for smoothing over and violet for inducing miracles.

Send it in through the crown of the head, back of the neck, chest, solar plexus, pubic bone, base of spine, between the kidneys or between the shoulder-blades for best results and let it radiate from there to all parts with extra concentration for any region you know to be affected by disease.

When you’ve done, take a few extra breaths to normalize your own energy and carry on as you were.

Once you get in the habit, you’ll start encountering some pretty remarkable results. Oftentimes after sending a powerful blast, the recipient experiences a healing crisis, so don’t be surprised to hear about that, assuming you’re in touch with whoever it is.

You’ll also notice the quality of your own experience of being you on a planet in space improves as a result.

It’s altogether a great way to use your mental focus and far exceeds fearful, judgemental thought in respect of self or others in terms of the positive effect it can have.

May you be healed – made whole with all your disparate bits rejoined - and in your healing, the whole world be healed.

Love, B

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