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Intensifying Your Inner-Smile Magic So Nothing Stands In Your Way Today

I say magic, but it’s not really magic, or if it is then so is everything else – it’s really quite ordinary and mechanical, at least on the metaphysical level. And it’s certainly nothing new. As well me having mentioned it numerous times in the past, even Judy Garland espoused its wonders – when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.

But the Taoists make a special point of it and it’s such an easy technique, anyone can do it at a moment’s notice and totally transform reality as a result.

Take a moment to settle yourself, lower your eyelids, draw your mind back into the midbrain region and focus on your pelvic floor, way down below.

See a smile start in your perineum, between your legs. Keep breathing and as you do, watch the smile grow larger – and larger so it simply has to rise up within your body as there’s nowhere else for it to go. Keep breathing and see it grow larger still – and larger, until it’s pushed up all the way to your eyes – let them smile – and further still till you’re smiling all the way from your pelvic floor to the tops of your ears.

But keep breathing and see it actually spread out from your ears to fill up the space around you and keep breathing until your smile fills up the entire atmosphere of the planet.

Now, in your own time, re-enter the everyday state and you’ll find that nothing seems that big or unmanageable any more – everything feels possible and it is.

Wish: that you smile so deeply and its benign effects are so far-reaching that the universe blesses you with no less than 8,088 miracles.

Love, B

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