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Into The Inner Chamber

We talk about walking a path, as if we’re engaging in a linear process, whereas in fact, the path only ever leads inwards, always urging us, step by step into the innermost chamber of ourselves, for there and only there will we find the peace we constantly crave and which we vainly strive to attain by changing the external conditions of our lives.

Paradoxically, as soon as the inner chamber is unlocked and the state of peace pervades, its pervading reaches all the way out into the exterior realm and causes the world of the ten thousand things to spontaneously reshape itself to serve our needs better.

In other words, stop resisting the pull into the inner chamber, let the state of peace pervade you and all the rest will fall into place of itself. Of course you need to be in a state of grace to appreciate it, which requires remaining ever mindful of and hence grateful for simply being alive and disciplining yourself to remember absolutely everything else beyond that is mere bonus, mere icing on the cake.

You can go one quantum stage further than conceptualising it, by psychophysically adjusting yourself specifically by drawing your point of observing the world both within and around you back into the centre of your brain, just above and behind the roof of your mouth – and by supporting that with a relaxed frame, spine elongated, shoulders dropped and broad, chest softened, eyes smiling and the breath flowing in and out freely, swelling your belly on the way in and sucking it back towards your spine on the way out.

Once inwardly poised like that, simply remind yourself to be as generous with your love and good nature as you possibly can in whichever situation you find yourself and to be equally open to receiving it likewise in return.

But it’s really all about drawing your sense of self backwards within your body, so you adhere, so to speak, to your spine all the way up from between your legs to the centre of your brain and letting that be your sanctuary in the midst of the madness of the everyday, even as you go about your business.

Return there at the end of every in-breath and at the end of every out-breath. And whenever you get a moment, lower your eyelids almost all the way but not quite and allow yourself the luxury of gazing from your centre brain into the infinite inner space of the void between and behind your eyes.

Once this has been inculcated as the core of your moment-to-moment experience of being alive, you will find yourself manifesting actual miracles and may consider yourself a bit of a Buddha.

I’m not sure why I’m given to polemic so today – I think it’s indicative of me needing to sum things up simply so I can move the whole thing on to the next level in terms of the information coming through – but whatever it is, it’s feeling good and I sincerely hope you feel you’re gaining some value from my sharing it.

With love, Doc

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