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Introducing The Power Of Chi

Intrinsic to all Taoist practice is the development of chi. Chi is the motion of the universe channelled through the energy passageways or meridians of your body. The Milky Way, the galaxy in which our solar system has hitched a ride, is moving through space at approximately 1.5 million miles an hour. Light is moving at 186,000 miles a second. Imagine that much power moving through your body. Once the flow is activated within, you are able to use it effectively to produce a force field of protective energy around yourself and even to project that field around anyone you wish to protect by thought alone. You are also able to use it to heal yourself with, or to project it via thought or touch to heal others. And you can even use it to do so-called magic with. When you have an intention to manifest something in the world and you support that intention with chi, you accelerate and intensify the manifesting process. And when the chi is flowing through your passageways, it makes you feel damn good – better than any drug or alcohol can.

Chi is the essence of kinetic energy.

Until you focus on it, it remains in the latent state. As soon as you do focus on it, you activate it. It’s the same as the electricity flowing through the cables embedded in the walls of your house. Until you turn on the switch you don’t even know it’s there. But turn on the switch and the whole house lights up.

Concentrate on the centre of your right palm for a moment. Imagine a hole there. Imagine you’re breathing in and out through that hole. After a few breaths you feel the tingling sensation of chi being activated.

Now imagine another hole in the centre of your breastbone. Imagine yourself breathing in and out through that.

Once you feel the tingle, imagine you’re breathing in through the hole in your chest and then breathing out through the hole in your right palm.

You’ll notice a sensation of flow down your right arm and your right palm beginning to warm up and take on a pleasantly heavy feeling.

Raise your right palm in a gesture of blessing the world around you and transmit the chi as a gift to everyone.

Blessings will come back your way as reward.

Wish: by this simple move you elicit no less than 108 blessings upon your head this very day.


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