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Is prestige important?

Is prestige important? Is it useful to stand above or before others? The underlying urge is to be accepted, to be part of the group and to be loved by the group. The belief is that prestige will win you that.

In fact if your prestige is earned naturally as a by-product of being loved and accepted by many for your contribution to the world, then it’s a wonderful gift and privilege to be grateful for and enjoy while it’s happening.

But if your entire thrust is to gain prestige for its own sake and if you turn out to be successful for it, it will actually end up producing the opposite result to the one you desire: the elevation and pole position will make you feel even more isolated.

Let the urge be to stand with others in mutual support, to be congruent with the highest good for everyone and to contribute something wonderful and you’ll achieve the desired result of feeling included, feeling that you belong, and may even win prestige for it too, but the latter won’t matter to you.

And the key to it all? Open your heart.

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