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It's a miracle

It’s a miracle, that’s what it is, a full-blown miracle and nothing less.

And the more you let yourself feel it, the more the miracle will grow and as it grows the things you want to make happen will happen faster and more and more elegantly.

And why is it a miracle?

If I challenged you to create a universe with a planet like this, upon which there were 7 billion others like you, along with numerous other life-forms, to provide all the theatre to keep you entertained and then to create a being exactly like you, who could think, feel, speak, act and do all the things you do. And if I said you could use all the resources available on this planet right now in order to create it and gave you unlimited access to all of it, would you be able to do it?


But something has. Something’s managed to generate this whole show with you here to enjoy it. You could call that something the Tao, you could call it what you like. I call it a miracle.

Attune to the miracle now and it will grow.

Keep attuning to it throughout today and it’ll grow so big you won’t know where to put it.

Wish: it grows so big today you don’t know where to put it.


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