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It’s all going to work out fine for you

Roses are red, violets are blue, hold the faith: the Tao loves you.

No matter how bad, sad, distorted, reprehensible or shameful you secretly believe yourself to be, no matter how far you believe you fall from the mark, the Tao, the generative force of existence, of which you are a pure expression and manifestation in human form, loves you, because it loves itself and you’re an essential aspect of that.

Knowing the Tao loves you and is intent solely on producing your perfect happiness at every turn comprises the nuts of what we’d call faith.

But this isn’t a blind belief based on some spurious notion of a superior being in the sky bestowing favours on you if you behave yourself properly.

This is pure metaphysical logic: you are a manifestation of the Tao – the Tao is the generative force of existence (translate as love) – the Tao loves – it loves itself – and you are itself – hence the Tao loves you, baby – always has and always will.

Relax into that and all is well and will be well.

Never fails.

A magnificent result to you.

Love, B

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