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It’s all working as it’s meant to, promise

Know that nothing can go wrong. Things just tip up to make way for new things.

The Tao, the One Presence goes on forever and ever, an infinite continuum, expressed through two opposing and complementary forces locked in eternal alternation. Yin represents the contractive tendency and yang the expansive.

When things seem to go wrong, it’s just the contractive tendency reaching its zenith. But right there at its zenith, the seed of the expansive tendency is already sprouting and very soon everything will be starting to go right again.

But in fact, things are always going right. Everything that ever happens is an expression of the One Presence’s absolute love for you, even if you can’t see it at the time. Knowing that, you start transcending preferences for easy over difficult. You start welcoming whatever’s happening or perceived as coming, as yet another blessed opportunity to witness the Tao in action on its mission to love you absolutely forever. Everything rights itself if you give it space and time to do so.

Everything broken is already repaired if you dare see it so.

Main thing to watch out for, in order to stay clear of the trap of inflexibility and the inability to let go and take the necessary steps to keep the adventure gathering momentum is the dangerous yet inevitable habituation to your creature comforts.

Be willing to risk your comfort and you’ve actually nothing to lose. And when you have nothing to lose you have everything to gain instead.

Gain everything today.

Love, D

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