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It's OK

My three sons are all grown men now but when each was a baby, I’d find myself walking around holding them, telling them all about the world from my point of view as if they were adults, even if they couldn’t understand the words and they loved that. All grew up to be great conversationalists as it happens. But every now and then something would have disturbed them – waking up from a bad dream, a loud noise, stomach pains, their mum being out and them missing her or whatever – and I’d be saying over and over in the softest, surest, firmest, gentlest tones: it’s OK, it’s OK, it’s OK and so on and this would calm them and keep them calm. I used to count 81 repetitions and providing my intention to calm them was clear, they’d invariably settle into a comfortable state and remain there.

Inside each of us is a frightened baby. When we get nervous of whatever it is we perceive as a potential threat, however irrationally, it’s that frightened inner baby who’s reacting rather than the adult. So assume the role of parent and out loud and, addressing the inner baby, repeat, ‘It’s OK, it’s OK and son on 81 times. You’ll find it makes you feel so safe and secure in your skin, so reassured about your place in the world, that all former worry evaporates.

Obviously 81 is arbitrary and merely signifies enough repetitions for it to sink in fully.

May you feel supreme OK-ness as a result.

Love, Doc

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