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Joy Reminder

Under no account postpone your happiness till you get what you want – want what you have and what you are right now. Love this. Feel the joy in this – in what’s happening (or isn’t happening) now.

For as far as you actually know, this is all there is.

You really have no clue when your time will be up. You assume it’ll be far off in the future but it could be in the next second or the one after that.

Would you really feel good about it all, were you to reach that last breath and realise you’d deprived yourself of a lifetime’s worth of happiness waiting for something to happen? Of course not, so don’t delay feeling that joy right now – and the way is by relaxing into your body and being here.

This joy then serves as a buffer between your potential impatience and the actual process of manifestation that’s going on. A necessary buffer that prevents you disturbing the field and so messing up all the good work you’ve done so far.

Wish: suddenly all the joy you’ve been holding back on, arrives in your lap in one go.

Love, Doc

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