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Just being here

Every now and then you have to stop. Some fortunate souls are born good at stopping. But if you’re like me and are naturally drawn to getting involved in a plethora of creative projects, each hungrily taking on a life of their own until you inevitably, occasionally find yourself being pulled one way, tugged another, yanked another and jerked another until you wonder if you might not be utterly split asunder by the dancing force of the very creations you gave birth to, a little like a mother with many kids all demanding her attention at the same time, hence are never quite sure where you’d possibly be able to cut into the process to apply the breaks without causing a dreadfully messy pile-up behind you, so instead just keep on keeping on as the only viable expedient you can think of, keeping on and on a little like this confoundedly entrancing sentence, then it’s time to pull off the autobahn at the next services, stop the car, get out, stretch your legs and upper body and have a nice, slow cup of something to sooth your nerves.

And while it’s true a stiff cup of chamomile or two can do wonders for jangled nerves, I’m actually meaning it metaphorically and was intending it as a trigger device for a stress-busting visualization.

So follow me, as we slow down and pull off into the slip road here, park the car in the pleasant leafy car-park, walk inside the pleasantly appointed services, order a cup of something pleasant, sit down in a comfortable booth and allow the stress of the road to evaporate a bit – evaporating more with every exhalation – until you feel quite good and settled and your vision starts clearing so you’re no longer just seeing white lines rushing up towards you, other cars speeding along, blue signposts and bridges rushing by overhead.

In fact as you start remembering again to fill your lungs up with air a bit more with each inhalation and to allow the energy, love and consciousness contained in that air to feed you more efficiently, it occurs to you that the road isn’t everything, that sometimes just stopping and being here is enough – breathing in and out – feeling thankful to be alive come what may.

And as soon as you’ve retrieved that perspective, it’s time to get back on the road, feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to roll.

Wish: you roll with utmost calm, dexterity, smoothness and aplomb from one miracle to the next.

Love, D

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