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Keep Your Soul Fresh

If you’re an active participant in the game here, you no doubt occasionally become aware you feel a void inside – it’s ultimately illusory because at the deepest level, you are complete as you are in the moment – nonetheless you instinctively reach out and grab at externals: romantic love, success, wealth, sex, status, travel, adventure, socialising, substances and all the rest of it, in a pointless attempt to fill the void – and it’s generally only when one or other such apparently crucial component of your external reality construct falls away, as all parts must eventually, that you realise you’ve totally bought into the notion of being someone with a gaping void and have been running around, chasing your tail to fill it, when all along all you really needed to do was revel in the spaciousness of that void, whereupon it turns out there never was a void in the first place because the whole universe comprises one huge consciousness from wall to wall, hence why the Taoists call it the void that is not empty.

You are whole as you are – there is no hole, you just think there is – there is no deficiency of love, you just think there is – there is no scarcity of abundance, you just think there is and because you think there is, it feels like there is and if it feels like there is, there is, as far as you’re concerned.

That’s how we create our own realities.

Breathe in and feed yourself on the energy of the world instead – let it fill you, let it fill the hole.

Breathe out and return to emptiness, surrender to it, disappear and be pure consciousness.

Breathe in the fullness.

Breathe out the emptiness.

Repeat enough times to appreciate what you’re doing fully and carry on as you were.

This interlude with the Tao will charge you up and keep your soul fresh for the rest of the day.

Repeat on a daily basis and in time, you’ll notice yourself feeling complete without needing others or externals to complete you.

Paradoxically, the more complete you feel in yourself, the more external reality wants to join in and bring you everyone and everything necessary to reflect that completeness back at you.

Complete yourself and the universe rushes to complete you, in other words.

So stop avoiding the void and instead embrace it for all you’re worth. As soon as you do, the void disappears and all at once you’re immersed in the fullness of life, in the fullness of yourself.

Am I resonating?

Expect a miracle today.


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