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Key To Materializing What You Need

One of the big benefits of spiritual realization is the ability to manifest shifts in material reality that apparently defy conventional notions of causality – shifts, which rather than occurring on a linear, incremental basis, occur on a lateral and exponential basis, hence warranting the miracle descriptor. And it’s true – it works – gain self-realization, the awakening to your role as vessel for the Tao, the divine presence, through which it can enjoy itself on the human level, and you do indeed acquire certain powers to make quantum shifts for yourself and others. However, on materializing whatever it is you need in this way, the actual reward is not the materialization of whatever it was you intended but a moment granted of witnessing the mechanics of the Tao in motion, a moment of confirmation that, rather than the local identity you’ve forged so far this lifetime, you are actually something far less individuated and far more universal: a local nexus of cosmic consciousness that knows no temporal bounds.

However, to the extent you insist on identifying with material-referenced reality, this will only hold notional appeal – a bit so what and where’s the money. But just one glimpse of your true role here as divine channel and you instantly realize all the wealth, all the status, all the success, all the achievement, all the influence, all the attention and all the activity associated with all of that, is merely just the froth on the champagne.

That which makes your spirit drunk with joy is not the froth but the knowing it’s playing its part fully in the cosmic continuum.

Whatever you need to support yourself as a vessel of cosmic consciousness will be given you but it won’t come if you make getting it your master.

You have to know it’s OK with you either way – that if it doesn’t come how you think it should it’s because it’s going to come in a more compatible way for you.

And in that state of let-go, miracles happen and if ever there was a time to rely on miracles, it’s now.

I wish you many of them.

Love, Doc

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