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Know Your Own Divine Nature

My heartfelt wish for you is to know your own divine nature, to know that what you are is an angel in human form, to know that no matter how alone you may feel from time to time, you are nothing less than the creator of the entirety of existence itself disguised as a human being who’s forgotten that’s who it is and to know that however awful things may feel momentarily, awful really is only awful and if you can just hang in there but a short while longer, yin will transform into yang and the light will return.

I had a close friend who’d been suicidal, homeless, alcoholic and alone, then just before Christmas, a stranger smiled at him and for whatever reason it triggered a crazy idea in his head, which led to him to becoming a multimillionaire within 18 months and living as happily or miserably as anyone else, but no longer suicidal. So do stay here – stay alive – the light is returning and there are no limits to the blessings that can befall you now if you open your heart to the possibility.

I wish you the courage to open your heart to the possibility.

Love, Doc

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