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Last weekend in the world?

Current events show how potentially flimsy is the invisible latticework holding our current version of the world together. The very fact we’re here enjoying the implausible ease and splendour of the current world-version at all is nothing short of an out and out miracle. Of course we pride ourselves on being able to return to ‘normal’ in a trice and forget all about the bigger perspective, but the fact remains that us still being here at all is a miracle of improbable complexity and scale.

So a suggestion to instigate a most profoundly altered state in which you access a whole new level of inner strength, confidence, flexibility and glee today: imagine this is the very last day on earth. Allow yourself to go through the inevitable cycle of emotions: fear, sadness, grief, anger and finally arrive at joy – reposition yourself and reframe the view this way and you’ll feel such appreciation for every aspect and detail, gain such perspective and clarity, it’ll totally shift your priorities, cleanse you of all your worries and resentments and reset your entire system for the better.

In fact any wise person, anyone who’s been exposed to the reality of death and isn’t living in childish denial, knows full well that taking even the next minute for granted is presumptuous, so there’s nothing that outlandish about temporarily adopting this existential stance. To the contrary, it’s eminently sensible and will give rise to a most splendidly enlightening and enjoyable day and night ahead.

I wish you a most splendidly enlightening and enjoyable time of it today and tonight (and may there be countless more).

Love, D

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