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Laughter Therapy

When times are trying, one of your most valuable coping resources is your humour. When you have humour, it indicates your heart energy is flowing efficiently and with that comes the possibility of accessing the courage to sustain the requisite positive, optimistic outlook to help you keep going.

When the humour evaporates glumness sets in and with it an inability to see the positive in your situation and hence hope diminishes.

Conversely by stimulating your heart energy, your humour returns naturally of itself and you’re soon back in the game willing to do what you have to do to move your situation on to the next phase of resolution.

A quick remedy that rarely fails to achieve this is to gently yet firmly and like Tarzan tap on your breastbone in rhythmic fashion and as you do so, smile and make the sound, ‘HA HA HA HA HAAAH! Do so as if faking a laugh. Keep doing it and you’ll find yourself actually laughing for real.

As you do it, start contemplating your situation and keep on laughing and you’ll instantly see the funny side of it, no matter how dire.

Along with this you’ll feel your courage levels naturally rising and before you know it, glumness will have dissipated, your heart will feel happy and your natural optimism will return, enabling you to get back in the game with renewed gusto and so live to fight another day.

I wish you a day and night of unbridled laughter from deep in your belly no matter what.

Love, Doc

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