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Learn To Let Go And Love It

There’s nothing you can change either externally or internally to prevent the swing of life. The swing is essential – it’s part of the intrinsic mechanism that makes the world turn.

Life gets easy. Life gets hard. Life gets easy again and so on, in infinite cycles within cycles within cycles in a never-ending dance.

Without it you’d merely grow bored and fall asleep on life, thus depriving you of the joy of the miracle of it all. The swing, this dance, and the way it makes you variously feel, is what keeps you awake, what keeps you appreciating it all.

So give thanks for the swing – love it. You can’t stop it anyway, so you might as well love it and dance.

The way to do this letting go and loving it, is to know yourself as essentially so large – universal in size, that no amount of internal swinging can upset your equilibrium – it all goes on inside you.

A great way to feel this is to visualize yourself as a wee Buddha-like being – a perfected version of you about as big as half a matchstick. See yourself sitting cross-legged and startlingly radiant inside your own chest. Right there behind your breastbone.

Concentrate simultaneously on your breathing and as you breathe in and out, visualize this wee being starting to grow. With every breath, watch and feel it grow bigger and bigger, until it fills your skin, then bigger and bigger until it bursts out beyond the boundary of your skin and fills the space you’re in, then as big as the town you’re in or nearby, then as big as the country you’re in, the continent you’re on, the hemisphere you’re on, the planet you're on (this one presumably), this solar system, the galaxy and by and by the universe itself.

You now contain the entire universe – you are the universe now.

When you’ve had enough being universal, allow yourself to gracefully retract to your normal illusion of everyday size and carry on as you were.

Many miracles will now ensue – stand by for those.

Love, B

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