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Learning To Ask For What You Need

You can manifest everything you need to keep your mission going – your mission is a grandiose way of describing your purpose set in motion – the way you share your essential unique beautiful qualities with the world to light it up as you go about your daily business whatever that might be. And you can manifest all the wherewithal to support that no matter how dire or tricky the situation looks on the ground.

This Taoist approach follows the quantum rules of causation: send an intention into the field with enough focus and power and you cause the field to change which subsequently changes things on the ground – via the metaphysical to the physical in other words.

However, once you’ve set the process in motion you’ll be nudged by your inner voice to speak to this one or that in order to ask for what you need, because the Tao (the field) surely sends but it’s people who deliver and if you don’t know how to tell them what you need from them, the Tao can send all day but it’s like not being there when the courier comes to the door to deliver the package and it gets sent back to the dispatch department.

And the thing that stops you communicating what you need effectively is mostly fear of people saying no and you feeling like a charlie, so to help attenuate that, stand in front of a mirror and act like a proper charlie for five minutes – pull silly faces and so on until you realise it makes no difference – that life goes on whether you feel silly or not and tell yourself 6 times immediately, ‘I find myself highly pleasing in the presence of others – I find it easy asking for what I need now.’ [No offense intended towards anyone called Charlie, incidentally].

Naturally this won’t change the pattern in itself but even just becoming cognizant of it will instantly start undoing its compulsive grip on you.

Practice asking people for things over the course of the weekend – see it as theatre – it’s fun and especially so watching yourself handling the discomfort of apparent rejection, as well as the delight of apparent acceptance.

Have a splendid day during which you’re amazed and delighted at least 8 times by people being exceptionally kind and generous to you.

Love, Doc

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