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Learning To Love The Gap

...(between the old going and the new coming, not the clothing stores)

Following on from another wisdom's theme of learning to find your existential sustenance from the life-force flowing within more, and from your interactions with others less, in order to attenuate the pain of people coming and going in your life, especially from the going bit, you could put it all down to the notion that the Tao bringeth and the Tao taketh away.

The Tao here refers to the Great Way, the flow of events in your life and theirs.

Accepting this, you soon see that whenever the Tao removes someone or something from your orbit, it does so to create a vacuum, which is swiftly filled by someone or something more compatible with your present stage of personal evolution.

But what’s really interesting about the process is the vacuum between the going of the old and the coming of the new.

If you observe the world around you, you’ll see how much of our collective energy is spent on devising ways to avoid that very gap. Nature abhors a vacuum and this is no less so with human nature.

Paradoxically though, according to us unconventionally-minded Taoists, it’s this very gap that offers the greatest treasure if you’re willing to let go and dive in.

It’s called investing in loss, as in putting your energy into letting go into the void.

And once you do, once you can embrace the gap and tell yourself you love the gap and mean it, something amazingly wonderful happens:

You find yourself directly in the presence of the Tao itself. In that nothingness you attain to the greatest somethingness possible: you in all your divine glory. For what are you ultimately if not a living expression of the Tao in human form?

Meeting yourself in the gap in all your divine and naked glory, all the existential strength, power, stability and security you need, is suddenly available.

And all you have to do is stop running for a moment, relax your forebrain, relax the rest of you, slow your breathing down and be here.

Wish: you are blessed with a new good so good you actually have to go through a growth process in order to expand yourself enough to receive it all.

Love, Doc

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