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Learning To Love Those F*ck-Ups

You’ll inevitably make f*ck-ups from time to time, as well you know, but ask any truly successful person to tell you their life story and you’ll find it riddled with the pesky things. Indeed these same people will tell you that without them, they’d have never learned the lessons they needed to achieve the success they now enjoy.

You could almost say there is a given quota of mistakes inherent to every enterprise, so the faster you get through them the sooner you’ll achieve your success.

Furthermore, if you walk around afraid of making mistakes, you’ll merely add psychic force to making mistakes.

Whatever you focus on grows, whether that focus comes through fear or desire.

Give yourself space to fail. Doing so constitutes real grace.

However do so along with affirming and reaffirming your intention to succeed at everything you do.

There is no paradox here.

It simply means that you know you’re going to succeed and that that will require making what looks like various mistakes along the way, simply in order to learn a better way of doing things.

Also by giving yourself this space, you afford yourself more relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the better you perform, no matter what you’re doing.

And remember, the goal is not to be or be seen to be right. The goal is simply to be.

Being means being fully you, including both the shadow aspects and the light.

And to do that you have not only to love all aspects of yourself, you have to love all aspects of your life, even the ones that make you squirm or worse.

All of it is the universe’s gift to you. All of it, no matter how temporarily painful, is the universe’s way of delivering you to your highest possible good.

It’s just that from limited local perspective, you can’t necessarily see the bigger view so can’t see how it’s all going to work out. But it will, so trust the universe and surrender to the unfolding of events now.

Say, ‘I am willing to trust this universe to deliver me to my highest good now, come what may,’ and carry on as you were.

I wish you a day in which you are gifted with a whole run of magnificent, life-changing surprises to prove your faith is worth it.

Love, B

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