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Let go in a trice

Letting go of the illusory importance you give things inappropriately, thus determining your priorities in an upside down way, in turn leading to increased stress and decreased effectiveness and enjoyment, it works well to release your psycho-emotional grip on one version of reality and thus open the way for a different one, via the body.

By releasing the appropriate region manually, you effect a shift in the psyche within the hour, usually much more swiftly.

Sit down comfortably. Lean forwards slightly at the hips in order to soften your abdominal region.

Place the fingertips of your right hand just under the lower front rib on the right and you’re the fingertips of the left under the left one.

Relax your shoulders.

Inhale deeply, exhale deeply.

Inhale deeply again.

Exhale deeply again. And as you exhale, slide your fingers as far under as they’ll go without winding yourself.

Next, with shoulders dropped and arms relaxed, extend your elbows away from your sides, thus stretching the ribcage laterally a centimetre or so.

At first it may feel uncomfortable or squidgy but stay with it and hold the stretch for three slow, deep breaths, then release.

Now wait in silence a moment and you’ll feel a beautiful heat emanating there and radiating all about you and an overall sigh of relaxation spread through your body. Enjoy this for a short while then carry on as you were.

I wish you wonderful, multiple sighs of relaxation as you work, rest and play.

Love, B

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