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Letting go and allowing the Tao to run the show, part 1

The tendency, in the face of stress, is to grip on even tighter in a vain bid to control life. This merely exacerbates the stress however. The way of the Way is to instead focus on changing your inner set-up, specifically through desisting from holding your breath, slowing your breathing down, softening your solar plexus, letting that softness spread to all parts of you, reminding yourself your intention is to manifest a state of completeness, fulfillment, peace, plenty and joy, then allowing life and all its events to stream through you without impedance, like a powerful current, drawing everything spontaneously to perfect resolution with utmost elegance, to facilitate that state for you in a more surprisingly splendid way than you can presently foresee.

Unpack all that at your leisure, experiment with it and you’ll experience pleasing results, is my wish for you today.

Love, D

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