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Letting go and allowing the Tao to run the show, part 3

On this theme of releasing areas of your body, to release the flow of events in your life, let’s move to your buttocks now. Now your buttocks are the repository of everything you’ve ever chosen to sit on and not follow through to resolution, which now sits there, at the unconscious level of mind and body, festering and informing a compulsive urge to act out in often unhealthy, counterproductive ways. Instead release the subtle and not-so-subtle tension from your buttocks, and self-acceptance, hence self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence levels rise spontaneously, thus reducing the compulsive tendency to act out inappropriately.

It’s a fun game and a fun feeling doing it, to wit, stand with legs at shoulder width, knees bent like an ape, grab a buttock in each palm and, with shoulders and wrists relaxed and soft, wobble the buttocks up and down with alternate movements as briskly and rhythmically and for as long as possible.

When you stop, spend a moment enjoying the energy release throughout your pelvic floor, remind yourself you’ve done this to let go of your blocks and surrender more to the Tao, in order to elicit the best possible outcome in every situation comprising your life right now, clarify your intention to manifest a state of supreme wellbeing in all aspects of life, and carry on as you were.

Unexpected results will show up to delight and assure you within hours, is my wish for you today.

Love, D

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