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Letting go of judgement

Letting go of judgement is not about being saintly, it’s actually just about freeing yourself from judging yourself and so attracting judgement from others. Peace of mind consists of not fighting with yourself about everything and anything you’re doing or not doing. This enables you to proceed as a unified being instead and when you move through life like that you become unstoppable, provided your intention is for the highest good.

So having set your intention for all your thoughts, words and deeds to produce the highest good, you can then let go of the need to judge yourself.

You just do what you do, sometimes stumbling, sometimes bumbling, sometimes being real slick but you don’t take any of it personally or seriously.

You just watch and experience yourself being human, constantly referring back to your body-centeredness and as long as you remain internally aligned, your thoughts, words and actions will inevitably, eventually bear fruit of the highest quality for you and everyone involved in your life.

And being in that transcendent state, you’ll find that if ever you descend momentarily into judgement of others, your body and spirit will simply feel too constricted and uncomfortable to keep it up for long.

If however you do succumb at times, and find yourself calling this one or that one an idiot or worse, antidote the subsequent negative effects on your own person by blessing them straight away. Blessing them means remembering that they too are a manifestation of the mysterious Tao and no matter their superficial human disguise, nor the way that aspect of them acts out, they are therefore worthy of utmost respect for playing their part in the drama of everyday life.

This of course doesn’t preclude being discriminating about who you spend your time with.

But it does preclude trapping yourself in a self-limiting sphere of judgements and opinions, and enables you to have a far more scintillating time of it as you pass along the Great Thoroughfare of life.

May you now have the most scintillating time you’ve ever had in your life.

Love, B

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