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Liberation from self-criticism

Can you remember when your self-critical faculty sprang into being? And can you remember your state of mind before it did so?

Do you believe your self-critical faculty is sacrosanct and a priori, or do you believe it was a habit you acquired early on by mimicry?

And if the former, do you believe you have the right to override it regardless?

Or if the latter, do you believe you have to power to drop it?

Do you believe self-criticism serves a vital function in terms of preventing you going off the rails?

Or do you believe it hampers your progress and stunts your growth?

I ask because I’m of the persuasion that it’s a bad habit acquired erroneously and inadvertently through mimicry (of the various adults/authority-figures who criticized you as a child) and that it hampers your growth and moreover that it only becomes useful as a ballast once you’ve acquired it in the first place because by having done so you’ve set up an ongoing way to sabotage yourself by undermining your own confidence and thus muddying your natural state of virtue or wholesomeness, which leads to distortion of the personality that therefore needs constant correction to keep you on the straight and narrow. But that had you not bought into it in the first place and had thus left your natural state of virtue intact, you’d have never needed and would never need correction.

In this sense you could call it an addiction.

Imagine instead being in a fearless, self-supporting state with absolute confidence and conviction in your choices and choice-making ability, imbued with an innate sense of ethics deriving from your natural state of virtue and thus striding boldly from success to success in a way that automatically benefits everyone in your world.

By imagining it you start creating it.

I wish you fearlessness, boldness, self-supportiveness and consequent success in all you do today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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