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Lifting the hood to the secret of everything

I've been talking recently about how alarmingly robotic we’re becoming en masse, and with that increasingly imbecilic as a herd, and how were we not to address this issue now in order to develop protection against it, within no time we’ll find ourselves without any souls at all, at which point life will have become meaningless altogether and suicide rates will soar.

The key to preventing such a calamitous outcome, assuming we don’t collectively preempt it with a variety of potential outcomes equally if not way more calamitous, lies in opening the heart.

The precise method for unlocking the blocked heart in order to activate a fresh flow of love up and down the connection which once triggered ensures your whole life and everything about it flows on this same current of love, and miracles are wrought as you wend your way along this ‘Great Thoroughfare’ we call life, is as follows,.

Consider the thymus gland behind the upper breastbone. It generally atrophies around the age of 21. But according to Taoism you can reactivate it using various simple techniques and so doing maintain your spirit and to a, large extent your physical wellbeing levels as if you were a perpetual 18 year old.

The thymus is the switch of the soul. Activate it and you turn on the connection to your soul and the mysterious realm it inhabits. Once in the soul realm you’re able to remain there even while engaged in the cut and thrust of your daily rounds.

People light up around you because you’re lit up yourself.

And the added benefit is that activating the thymus is the most effective way of getting your heart below it to open properly so your love can flow. Which makes sense as love is the juice of the soul and vice versa.

So if I’ve wetted your appetite enough to want to do something about it, try the following.

Start by tapping with the fingertips of both hands in succession and at a fast tempo so as to effect a drum roll of sorts on your upper chest, in the middle roughly one gooseberry down from the notch at the base of the throat. Keep arms and shoulders relaxed and the breath flowing as you continue to tap for approximately 90 seconds. This wakes up the chi of the thymus but more importantly reminds you where it is – when your mind goes anywhere in your body the chi follows.

Next and bear with the graphically biological analogy but as any Taoist sexologist will tell you to cause a vagina to open like a flower opening its petals to the sun, the way is to lift the clitoris which serves as a sort of hood over the mouth of a cave. The thymus serves precisely the same function in this respect except with the heart rather than genitals. Lift the thymus and the heart opens automatically.

To lift the thymus, simply raise the top of the breastbone a millimeter or so while simultaneously pushing it outwards thus causing it to rise along a diagonally upward axis a tad in a gesture of rising up to all that’s beautiful in the universe and yourself. However while doing so it’s of utmost importance that you desist from arching your lower back to enable the movement as this is counterproductive because it weakens the kidney chi that supports the heart chi in the first place.

So with a straight up and down spine lift that upper breastbone, and get that sense of lifting the hood of the heart, whereupon your love starts radiating automatically.

Indulge the sensation of warmth and connectedness this provides for a moment or two and return to the so-called everyday state refreshed re-pumped and ready to relate to the adventure of your life from a fresh perspective.

Then open yourself to receive countless beautiful surprises, which is what happens whenever the heart gets an open-up like this, and carry on as you were.

With love, Barefoot

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