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Light up the world

If the sign of life is in your face, he who responds to it will feel secure and fit, as when in a friendly place, sure of hearty care,’ says the Tao Te Ching, the nearly 3,000 year old primary text of Taoist philosophy.

Your love of life, the joy it elicits in your soul and the compassion it gives rise to in your heart, transmits spontaneously as the light of life shining in your eyes. This light causes others to feel their own light within and through that, the light informing the world. In that, they feel safe and comfortable in your presence. When others feel comfortable with you far more can be achieved by everyone involved and everyone gets what they need far quicker and more efficiently and enjoyably.

Take one moment out of the everyday state and dive your attention deep down into your lower abdomen. From there contemplate and appreciate the unlikely fact of your own existence and all the elements that facilitate it, from the planet to the other people in your world. Give thanks for it. Feel the joy inherent in being alive to experience any of this.

With that joy, create a smile resting steadily on your pelvic floor.

As you inhale and exhale slowly, allow the smile to grow larger and larger until it stretches all the way to your chest and still larger and larger until it spreads all the way to the tops of your ears and beyond and illuminates your eyes so brightly you could light up all the world for thousands of miles around.

And carry on as you were.

Wish: you light it up so bright you spot a hundred brilliant opportunities in the undergrowth just waiting for you to scoop them up.

Love, D

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