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Looks like a mountain

As I sit here coming to terms with what looks like a Himalayan mountain of work to be climbed I thought I’d share my process should it prove in some way helpful if you too are facing what looks like a mountain range of work yourself.

Rather than see what has to be done within the frame of a vertical model (high mountains), I spread it out all around me in a large circle on the lateral plane with me at its centre, as if I'd gone high enough in the sky to make all the mountains appear almost flat, thus enabling me to see myself skipping like a child through it as if frolicking in an adventure playground, first playing on this ride, then on that until I’ve played on all the rides till all the playing’s done and the workload is accomplished.

I also remind myself I’m choosing to accomplish all tasks easily, effortlessly, excellently, enjoyably, swiftly and miraculously. Then I hold my two palms together as if praying and imagine that between them is the span of time ahead in which I have to accomplish this current tranche of tasks and slowly open my arms as wide as they’ll go, visualising the span of time available stretching. And into that very time span must I now dive with gusto and aplomb so will bid you a brief farewell.

Love B

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