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Lots of Es

What’s been fascinating me lately has been what I refer to in my 108 Blessings book (I carry it with me to use as a flick-a-page-open oracle), as being blessed with the grace of a bumbling fool, bumbling sometimes being a euphemism for bungling. Yes I’ve been fascinated to bear witness to myself mushing up the operational efficiency of my life, both carelessly, and occasionally even purposefully just to watch what happens. Mitigating circumstances are easy to spot of course – huge amounts of high speed travel through various time-zones combined with fast-changing, hugely varying exacting activities, and a plethora of paradigms to negotiate in short succession are enough to disorientate the staunchest adaptive..

But it’s the high information saturation levels associated with all these activities and experiences somewhat overloading my personal CPU.

I don’t judge myself over it, nor do I punish myself for any perceived weakness.

I congratulate myself for keeping it all going as efficiently as I have been under the circumstances. And I clarify my intention regards how I proceed henceforth.

Which happens to be informed with lots of Es, not the drug but efficiency, economy, ease, effortlessness, elegance, enjoyment, energy, enthusiasm, exhilaration, elation, exuberance and enlightenment (because you can’t beat a mix like that).

Then I agree to that. I say, ‘I agree to that’.

I relax, I roll back inside.

I honor the gift of existence.

Honoring my existence I retrieve and maintain perspective.

With perspective I take things in my stride.

Taking things in my stride, I maintain equilibrium.

Maintaining equilibrium, I enjoy myself more.

Enjoying myself I inspire others to enjoy themselves.

And the world improves for everyone.

Even if it took doing a pastiche of the Tao Te Ching to say it.

Naturally I tell you what I do, not as a textual selfie for you to like or swipe or wipe or whatever, but to inspire you to deploy the same protocol when attending to your own mental hygiene.

Because it works and I want you to feel this beautiful too.

And it is mental hygiene we’re dealing with here, along with its psycho-energetic counterpart, because without regular cleansing your thought processes get just as dirty as any surface you don’t regularly wipe.

Be beautiful. Say, ‘I’m beautiful’.

Spread beauty for the benefit and pleasure of all.

Say, ‘I radiate beauty’.

Assume/presume nothing, simply be open to the glorious mystery.

Add,’…and I don’t know why.’ as a suffix to all the above affirmative assertions.

And magic will be your way, and golden your touch.


May it be so.

With love, Brother Barefoot of the Thousand Peaks (and Valleys)

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